My work is inspired by moments in life that I feel compelled to document, capture, exaggerate or create. Scenes in time that catch my eye on my travels all inform my imagery in terms of its subject matter and aesthetic. Often using my own photographic references as a starting point, I re-hash, re-appropriate and combine my images to form compositions onto canvas fusing a variety mediums onto the surface. My current focus is inspired by sunny California aiming to evoke a particular mood of exotica and adventure; the final works conjure up a stylised impression of the American state. I'm influenced by the visual language and power of advertising, pop culture, graphic design, Americana, memories and dreams. 

2019-2020 MA, Fine Art, City and Guilds Art School, UK

2012-2015  BA, Advertising, University of the Creative Arts, UK

2011-2012 Foundation Studies, University of the Creative Arts, UK

Solo Exhibitions

December 2017              CARS, Royal Albert Wharf, London, UK

October 2016                 Micro Frieze, Regents Park, London, UK

Group Exhibitions

April 2019 Residency, Physed Studio, LA, USA

March 2019 The Other Art Fair, The Magic Box, Los Angeles, USA

February 2019 GIFC, The Costume House, Toronto, Canada

February 2019 Can’t Win, Don’t Try, Five Miles, London, UK

December 2018 GIFC, 0-0 LA, Los Angeles, USA

July 2018                       Cortex: Confidential, Crows Nest Gallery, London, UK

March 2018                    The Other Art Fair, Majestic Downtown, Los Angeles, USA

August 2017                   Supermark-Art, 50 Golborne Gallery, London, UK

May 2017                       Next Generation of Artists, Laing Gallery, London, UK

January 2017                  TMRW, Boxpark, London UK

December 2016               Arty Party, CP+B, London, UK

November 2016               Bedroom Artists, The Hive, London, UK

October 2016 The Takeover, 12-13 Greek Street, London, UK

October 2016                  Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Hall, London, UK

October 2014                  Aesthetic, CRE8 Studios, London, UK


Feb - April 2019              Eastside International, Los Angeles, USA


America, Abu Dhabi, England, Germany, Wales


December 2017              CARS, FAD Magazine

December 2016              Mac Miller, TMRW Magazine (print)

August 2016                   London, A City of Progress, TMRW Magazine (print)

September 2015             Skateboarding in LA, HUCK Magazine